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Collectively, the research conducted by the J. Shanks, Jarboe, Shao, Vigil, Yandeau-Nelson and Nikolau groups is focused on the characterization of novel metabolic processes and how these processes and pathways can be manipulated for the biological production of fuels and commodity chemicals.

Our collaborative environment presents a new paradigm for conducting research at the cutting edge of multiple disciplines, including genetic engineering, metabolic flux, genomics, metabolomics, computational biology, reaction engineering and separations.

One large laboratory is shared by the six groups where researchers are grouped by shared organisms of study (instead of by group or discipline), and all researchers on the floor attend a shared meeting to discuss progress in our research. This strategy allows for interactions and collaborations among scientist, undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral researchers with expertise in a wide range of disciplines and has led to novel and exciting approaches to diverse research problems.

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Yandeau-Nelson promoted to Assistant Professor
September 22, 2014
Congratulations to Marna Yandeau-Nelson on her recent promotion to Assistant Professor in the Department of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology. Check out details of her research group in her members and research sections of this website.

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